Wrytr: For iPhones.

A simple app that makes writing fast and fun.

Create challenges (100 characters max) that set up responses (250 characters max).

Respond to writing challenges others have made.

No images. Just use your words.

Connect with others. Smash abuse instantly.

Get Wrytr on your iPhone, and get started.

Android (eventually)

How to Use Wrytr

Pretty simple. Sign up or sign in. Create challenges. Respond to them. We also encourage setting up gratitude and hype challenges of your own that you respond to each day to stay positive and build momentum. How to do all of that is as follows ....

Get Started

Create an Account

Use email address, Facebook, Google or Apple IDs. Use your name or not. The app is for personal joy, more so than rep chasing. But that's OK, too.


Sort Challenges

Use the little yellow burger at the top of the app to sort Featured, Recent & Popular challenges. We added some Featured challenges to get you started.


Get Writing

Create challenges and/or respond to them. Pick one and get going. Create one and see what happens!

Neat + Clean

Smash Abuse

Unwanted becomes unseen by clicking two dots under the arrow, then Delete. Immediately remove any response to challenges you create. Your world under your complete control.

Connect with Others

Curate +

Look for the + sign next to an account name. Click that and add them to your Following tab. See what they post and how they respond. Add or remove as you see fit.

Stay Positive

Gratitude + Hype

Create a challenge and write about something you appreciate or are hyped about. It'll be found in your Settings tab and you can reply to it anytime. Keep it simple, and keep it up.

Manage Your Account


Manage challenges, bio, etc. here. Create Hype and Gratitude challenges you can find on this tab. If anyone pops in uninvited, delete their response, or just ignore it.