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*As we get going with Wrytr, we’re starting up by offering writing challenges here on the site for fun and random prizes. Hopefully you enjoy this kind of writing, and get yourself set up on the app, where there are shorter challenges¬† you can respond to, or create yourself. Choose your own adventure!

Featured Challenge

Write a story using no more than 125 words while integrating the following required terms/words:

‘A small tattoo of Bruce Lee’


You have through October 1st to get this challenge completed using the form below to turn it in. Once the deadline has passed, entries will be posted here for review. Check back and pick one you like using a simple form to vote.


If your entry is selected as best, you’ll get in the mail a 8.5 x 11 photo of Bruce Lee looking casual, but dangerous as f–k. You’ll see what the prize photo looks like after you complete the challenge.

Have fun!


Write Your Response Here

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