Yes. It’s an verrrrry simple app. .

This was built pretty much by one person, with some vendors, so there are plenty of holes and things that are missing, or not done, but would be great, etc.

Wrytr does have minimal functionality, but there are a few nice things baked in. First, you own challenges you create and people can respond to via writing. Some rando responds with something you don’t like? No need to report it. With just two clicks, you can delete it forever.

Initial feeds are set up with some accounts to get you going, and you can tailor them to what you like. Follow/unfollow, easy. In your featured feed, you only see what you want. You can go fishing in NEW and POPULAR feeds to find new stuff, if you want. In addition to you managing your challenges, app admin will remove challenges that appear spammy or spammy responses.

With that, if you see anything you want to suggest, or maybe even want to contribute to making it better (React Native/Expo/Firebase/Whatever), reach out and share your thoughts/complaints/interest.

Also, we encourage those using the app not be spammy or annoying to others. To that end, all user are empowered to zap responses to comments they don’t immediately.