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Seriously. Go Away.

We trust we’re the only app that will tell you this. We don’t want you here for very long.

Find some writing challenges you like, fire up your brain and write about them. Create a challenge or two (respond to it, of course). Write about something you’re looking for to, or are appreciative about. Do that, then close the app and do something else.

Go for a walk.

Stare out the window.

Say something nice to someone you don’t know.

Call an old friend.

Make a new friend.

Do something, anything, other than look at your phone.

If you’re at lunch right now, or spending time with family or friends, then wrap things up and close Wrytr as soon as possible.

We love having you here, but make your stay using Wrytr on your iPhone┬ábrief and we’ll see you later.