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You Got One Done!

Congrats on completing the demo challenge, should give you a bit of a feel for how the app works.

With the website, we review responses before they get posted (why your writing isn’t here yet). On the app, written responses get posted immediately. Different tech used for each platform. App tech lets challenge creators instantly delete any spammy or annoying responses.

Some Responses …

Here are some responses to the demo challenges that have been shared so far …

I’m gonna break my Rusty Cage and run……

Moonlight Lady by Julio Iglesias, because I would enjoy such activities on a evening on a weekend evening. (watch his music video)

Spanish Key by Miles Davis.

We don’t talk about beef, by the way, did I mention I just turned vegan? ….. Clever + funny = Septa (and me)!

Stick Season by Noah Kahan.

Will keep posting more as they come in and are reviews. In the meanwhile ….

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