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The app is a one man band project, which means many of the instruments are out of tune. Even though the app doesn’t do a lot, it will still probably crash on you here and there. Just close it out and reopen it and off you go – again.

Sorta broken, sorta perfect.

A nice day, but with a cold breeze with no coat. A warm day, but no sunscreen and a risk of sunburn. Meeting up a good friend, but they’re always very late. An app that’s fun, but also kind of sucks. Each and all, and more, recipes for random fun. Hope you have some here and that you get it on your iPhone and get going.

Less Broken. More Perfect?

If you like (most of what) you see and (maybe kinda) want to join in on the fun (React Native/Expo/Firebase/Whatever), reach out and share your thoughts/complaints/interest.