Logo Design

For a writing app

I’m building an app for myself and people I know. Other people I don’t know may like the app, which would be great, but the end goal is just to make something simple and fun. There’s more info about the app on the ABOUT page, if you’re interested.

I say (and you can see) I design with a sledgehammer. That’s done to focus process to the point where the skill, and perspectives of designers/artists enter to finish the work properly. The image gallery shows first the rough design I want to have someone clean up to conclusion. That design is mash up the other images in the gallery of a stock art octopus, and a pen tip that’s part of the current logo.

As everything with design and function for the app is simple, wanted to have a logo that was kind of fun and had some personality. Also, chose an octopus as they use ink, and a pen tip head as the octo/app is a vehicle for writing. Clever!

As the source octo is stock, want to adjust the legs a bit to give it a different look. The logo/icon use would be very small, so they could drop down to fewer arms/legs – or smaller ones – to also improve resolution in smaller forms. Same with the eyes/mouth – those can be changed up however you like.

The rather minimal style employed on the site that will mirror the app. The site and app are something of a personal rebellion against what clients want, which are things that are usually busier and more complex than necessary. 🙂