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Social apps remain the great marketplace of ideas. No matter what you want to learn, you can find pathways to mastery there. You often learn things you didn’t know you didn’t know, as well, which for me is a good as it gets. I’ve connected with great minds I’ve never met and never will – all have elevated my game in countless ways. Eternally grateful for that.

As with anything, though, when manipulators find a place like that, they set up camp and invite (consciously or not) all of their like minded associates to bend minds to their will and their grift. The result is much negative/banal/tedious/dark to sift through to find the good. That has made using them tiring at times for many, as it has for me.

Evolution in social ecosystems have moved them from something fun to pull out of your pocket to kill some time and learn something, to time sucks that often leave you agitated. With that in mind, I built Wrytr. I hope it becomes something fast and fun and leaves you feeling better after having spend time time there. Create writing challenges. Respond to them. Then get on with life. That’s the idea of what I call a sorta social app. We’ll see how it goes.

Get it on your iPhone and get going.