So, what is wrytr?

Wrytr is an app whose mission is to provide anyone with a phone with the ability to add a little bit of creativity to their daily lives by responding to or creating, short burst writing prompts.

250 characters max for a response. 100 characters max for prompts.

With other apps, interactions with others often bring pressure. Pressure to be a voice who matters. Pressure to gather likes, comments and Do What Has to be Done to build followings. While you can do that, to a small extent, on Wrytr, social metrics aren’t the point. The point is to open up the app, have some fun being creative, then get back to life.

We invite everyone who logs in to comment on every writing challenge they see that interest them, or create challenges and see what others have to say – even if it’s only you responding. The idea is to be fast, be funny or be meaningful, but most of all be cool. If you’re not, the person who created the challenge can delete your response instantly.


Yes, instantly.

That’s part of why we build Wrytr the way we did. While all are welcome to join in, if someone isn’t being cool, there’s no need to wait for a moderator to render a decision. There’s no number of abuse complaints that need be registered before action is taken. Nope. You create a challenge it’s all yours. See a response you don’t like? One click and it’s gone forever.

It’s pretty simple. Be creative. Encourage others to be creative. Have fun.