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It’s a verrrrry simple app.

Create short writing challenges (250 character max) and/or respond to them (150 character max).

Wrytr is a work in progress, with minimal functionality, but there are some nice features baked in to make it fun. First, you own challenges you create and people can respond to via writing. Some rando (or your ‘best’ friend) responds to your challenge with a response you don’t like? No need to report it and wait for something to happen. With just two clicks, you can delete what they posted forever. Don’t like the challenge you built? Delete it and start again.

Your Home tab featured feed (what you first see after signing up/in), is set up with a few featured accounts to show how the app works and get you going. If you want to find other accounts setting up writing challenges, New and Popular sort options can be accessed by the three yellow lines at the top of the app (the hamburger while on the home screen).  Sort and consider as you see fit.

On your Featured feed, you can click on the + or account name and follow or unfollow them, if you wish. You can also sort Featured challenges on your Featured feed with the top screen hamburger icon to sort New and Popular challenges.

While the user has 100% control of their challenges, admin will check in on reported/spammy challenges and responses regularly. Well do to clean up anything that looks out of place to make sure the app environment is tidy. You can also customize your account bio by clicking on the the third navigation spot at the bottom of the app that says Account.

Get it on your iPhone and get going.

If you see anything you want to suggest, or maybe even want to join in on the fun (React Native/Expo/Firebase/Whatever), reach out and share your thoughts/complaints/interest.